Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello to all, this is it the final installment for your enjoyment before the publishing of the highly anticipated book entitled Contribution To Change. This piece is titled Resurection, and in order for change to occour thats what needs to happen we need to resurect ourselves, because without order, there is indeed CHAOS!!!!!

What happened to Hip-Hop?

Can any of you young brothers tell me how it got its

We went from songs like criminal minded to snap ya
fingers do ya step, while we allowed our minds to
linger criminally.

We used to take the wackest songs and make them
better, nowadays the wackest song is always

This blindness has led us to Self-Destruct.

We generated this culture, so why are we no longer
the dictators of its infrastructure?

We’ve allowed radio and the execs to direct and
control our creativity, this will explain why there
is a lack of talented rappers lyrically.

What happened to the classic times when Knowledge Reigned Supreme over every ONE, while Eric and Parish Made Dollars, Erick B and Rakim made us clap to it.

When Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh provided the
audience with a show, right after Ice-T told us
about the Original Gangstas and their Colors.

So I have to wonder where we went wrong and what
will it take to get it right.

It’s not about east, west, north or south, it’s about us
using the power of positively speaking with our

When Kanye Graduated, gradually he redirected the
misconception of what was cool.

Lupe fed us Food and Liquor, and we still
misunderstood and acted like fools.

What is Common to Mos Def---innately, is not
common to all the rest.

When you listen to Common and Mos Def lyrically
you understand, and that’s what’s best.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves, when Jada asked
WHY, why didn’t we answer, even though we
walked around singing it like an anthem.

We lost the Malcom X of our time because we truly
didn’t listen, we only heard his rhymes.

A thug to most, but he was a prophet to all, now
who’s prepared to stand so the order of confusion
can fall.

What’s your RESURECTION?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Recipe

I want to welcome everyone back. I have added the second poem for the highly anticipated book entitled Contribution To Change. This piece is a very pivotal part to the change that needs to be made. Once again I hope you enjoy and I welcome all questions, comments and profound thoughts.

Let me put you on some of the happenings in a few of the
places I frequent.

You’ll find it’s much easier than you think making a
juvenile delinquent.

First thing first throw away them books, that’s right,
keep books locked away like his father and let him
run the streets with crooks.

Make it hard to find himself but easy to buy weed and

Convince him that wearing certain labels on his
clothes will make him a man quicker.

Put him on a track and tell him to run like Flash
Gordon, and when the seasons change, throw him
a ball and show him highlights of Michael Jordan.

Imprint in his mind that he started out as a slave, but
at best he can be a nigger.

Teach him that the most important thing about a
woman is her girlish figure.

Better yet, give him reasons to think that every other
woman besides his mother is a natural bitch and
every time he tries to get his life together
distract him with fantasies of being rich.

Don’t teach him anything about economics and
finance unless it relates to cocaine supply and

Keep him disappointed when he tries to do right, and
things don’t go as he planned.

Put him in classes where the teacher couldn’t pass
the test they’re giving.

Make him think that having chrome wheels and
champagne is the only purpose of living.

Show him gangster movies and porno flicks until he
re-enacts them over and over again.

Make him believe that a small handgun or a big dog
can be his only friend,

Keep his head bent in dice games motivated to win
the latest style.

Tell him to use his ice grill so often that even he
forgets his own smile.

Give him the wrong role model, that is if you give
him any at all.

Don’t encourage him to rise to the occasion, but to go out in a blaze of glory
when he falls.

Persuade him to rebel against the system and “buck”, only learning to
surrender when he’s handcuffed.

Teach him that the only way he will ever become a
man is if his pockets are stuffed.

Now I know I’ve covered a lot of material and hopefully you understand the

If we keep this up I promise you that we will end up with more than our fair
share of Juvenile Delinquents.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Contribution To Change

I’m so mentally inclined that what I write is lyrically
underlined as too far ahead of it’s time.

We’re going to take a ride where many thoughts,
feelings, and statements will be expressed, yet in
the end there will be only one question left.

I’m a verbal assassin when I’m writing, killing trees
as I prove easily that you’re not better than me
creatively or intellectually.

See I mentally murder many minds while I creatively
devise a plot planning to perfectly place people of
poverty in positions of power to survive.

I understand that this is my role to play in this game,
but I wonder have you identified with your
contribution to change.

It’s time to change what we identify with as what’s
cool, all these weak rappers with their shallow
lyrics are just recreating the fool.

I wonder, what happens when writing withers, what
will we want waiting while we waste time talking
to those that think they tell the truth through
the daily deception displayed during discussions
determining dollars. Our current currency
catastrophes create climates causing cheap choice
choosers choices, easily evaporate everyday.

Tell me, why does the NBA draft seem like a modern
day slave trade?

The team’s master standing on stage calling the next
niggas name, while the owner is in the back
playing the multi-trade a nigga game.

These are the things the untrained eye doesn’t see,
that’s why we started CV20/20 and Thought360.

See at all times I keep one eye open like CBS, looking
at Ted Turner secretly publicize his corruption on TBS,
only exposing my son to some of the stuff
on PBS because everything else on T.V is just B.S.

America has gotten hooked on reality T.V., now tell
me how much reality can there be when the
camera dictates what you see.

I know I took you on a ride of highs and lows, I’ve
even exposed you to some information that not
everyone knows.

I told you at the start that I was going to creatively
and intelligently exercise your mind, so I hope
you’ve been keeping up this whole time.

We all have our Godly ordained roles to play in this
game, so now you can answer the one and only
question that remains,

What’s your Contribution to Change?